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Vision, Mission & Beliefs

The vision of Berwyn South School District 100

is to inspire a passion for learning in every child.



Our mission is to create inclusive learning environments where students take ownership of their academic and personal growth, embrace diversity, and strive to be positive influencers in our changing world.



We believe in providing students with rigorous and personalized learning opportunities that prepare them for academic excellence and future success.


We believe in utilizing innovative instructional practices that encourage collaboration, creativity, and exploration.


We believe in student-centered classrooms and schools that are supportive, safe, and responsive to the social and emotional needs of students, staff, and families.


We believe in using several measures to determine student success and to make informed decisions that lead to continuous student growth.


We believe in engaging with families and community members to create partnerships that actively support students’ development and learning.


We believe in creating and maintaining a culture where students and staff learn from each other, share ideas, and build supportive, collaborative relationships. 


We believe in enhancing our academic program by providing a variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students to develop and explore individual interests and talents.


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La visión de la escuela Komensky, como escuela dual es de fomentar una comunidad que provee experiencias auténticas y dignas de confianza e inclusivas para todos nuestros estudiantes y a la vez sientan orgullo de su identidad, cultivar su curiosidad, desarrollar soluciones creativas y promover el sentido de la responsabilidad global.


The vision of Komensky School, as a dual language school, is to foster a safe community that provides, authentic learning that is inclusive for all students to empower their identities, cultivate curiosity, develop creative solutions, and promote a sense of global responsibility.

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